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Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Nov 1 21:50:14 CST 2001

At 4:46 PM +1300 2/11/01, Hugh Blair wrote:
>  should I now post 5000 pictures of the dead

I don't want to get stuck in no-man's-land, taking fire from both 
sides on this one, but thought I'd put a link in to some photos we 
had the scoop on. It's not strictly speaking self-interested, seeing 
as we don't do ads. Or make any money out of this for that matter:


- Andrew

>As bad as those are, should I now post 5000 pictures of the dead
>in NY?  And what is it - 300 some from DC?  Would that be a fair trade?
>I just don't like 1-sided views.
>>  The following URLs were sent from a local peace-worker with the message:
>>  "These photos are graphic - you of course do have the
>>  choice of not looking at them. The reason I send them
>>  is because I do feel it is important to stay in touch
>>  with reality."
>>  As a parent of a young child,
>>  I see my own reflection here.
>>  I can't express the level of my rage.
>  > E

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