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Thu Nov 1 23:06:23 CST 2001

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> > > As bad as those are, should I now post 5000 pictures of the dead
> > > in NY?  And what is it - 300 some from DC?  Would that be a fair 
> >
> > nothing stopping erika countering with 500 000 - 1 000 000
> > pictures of dead
> > children in iraq, or the dead children of farmers in bolivia and
> > colombia...
>Great addition to the subject, comparing apples to hair.
>Farmers in Bolivia didn't crash into NY.

watch me get all political and get flamed ......
yeh but where is the proof that it was the afghanis????????
and no it isn't comparing apples to hair coz US$ has funded a lot of "wars" 
os where there have been casualties


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