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Actually, as the main problems around drugs are that they're
illegal and expensive, it's a pretty sensible one.

Sure, you wouldn't want children taking the stuff, or anyone
driving while under the influence, but that's the same as alcohol.

There are risks there, but we as a society generally work on the
principle of "Allow people to take risks, but warn them of the risks,
and develop strategies to minimise them"

So driving is risky. But we have speed limits, rules of the road,
laws about driving while drunk, driver training etc. And we warn
people of the risks through publicity, police camera TV shows,
etc etc. Now the road death rate (per mile driven) is tiny compared
to what it was in the Henry Ford era, despite the vastly increased
speed of cars.

Mostly, drugs are only a problem because we think they are, and
it's impossible to have a grown up public debate about it with legislators
lest they 'send the wrong message'.
Spot the circular argument.

btw, isn't it interesting how reactionary conservatives have attempted
to sabotage the word 'liberal' and make it mean 'traitor to the
American Way', and then apply it to anything which they don't like...
In the UK, the same has happened to 'Socialist', even within the
Labour Party, which is historically a socialist party. If socialism
means that my net income drops slightly (say by 3 pints a week)
and that for pays schools, hospitals, roads, housing etc, then
paint me pink and call me Nye Bevin.

(happy to be a higher rate taxpayer)

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I'd never buy the argument that the farmers are the problem.  It's the
"dope fiends" that should be attacked.  Vigorously.  Relentlessly.

But then, the PC thinking is to make it all legal.  Another
quick liberal cure.

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