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>Scott Dexter wrote:
>>  > horrible stuff called Laphroig. It tastes like medicine, if anyone
>>  > offers you a glass of it, run away, very quickly.
>>  oh no no! That's yummay stuff =)
>izzat one of those jagermeister type deals?
>    - joe "avoiding the heavy threads" crawford <http://artlung.com/>

>Nah - it's whisky. Single Malt Scotch. Not my fav, but a good one.

Very, very powerfully flavoured - right at the top end of the spectrum.

I think Garrett does have a point - one of the aromas you get off
Laphroig *is* a kind of antiseptic/TCP smell. (I would emphasise
'*one* of the aromas' - there's a lot more there besides)

A touch gentler is Lagavulin which is right next door (300 yards away
down the same road).

>Martin knows my poison...Cardhu...yum!

Yup - fruity and quite sweet for a malt. It's the main malt in Johnnie
where it's spiced up a bit with a splash of Talisker, and then there's
quite a bit of grain added to bulk it out (as is normal with blends).

It's up in this kind of country:

>"Pretend you've got a shot glass of Glenlivet on the end of that
>barrel, as you swing it.  You know what happens if you spill

>"No, what?"

>"You go directly to hell"

hehe - although Glenlivet will only send you to Heck. Now *Clynelish*
on the other hand...

Martin(enjoying his current client...)

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