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In UK feepaying schools? Yes, although it's a bit informal
and absorbed with the rest of the culture.

The point about most feepaying schools is that their unwritten
agenda is to produce the people who will be running the country
either politically or through business and train them to being
in command. Having the accent and attitude to do it helps.

We're a class-ridden country. Which sucks.

Great line from "Another Country" (which was a play (and later
film) about an English feepaying school in the 1920s), talking
about the school bully:
"Y'know, he's exactly what this school was designed to produce.
Not empire *builders* - goodness me no, empire building takes
*imagination* - but empire *rulers*"


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So in UK... do they "teach" you in school to affect certain accents?


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>Feepaying highschool in Edinburgh, followed by lawschool (Cambridge
>I think)
>(the school was Fettes College for those who are interested)

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