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George Dillon <> Chat! thechat at georgedillon.com
Fri Nov 2 18:32:32 CST 2001

Hi Everyone

Only just got round to subbing to thechat - don't know why it took so
long  - nice to see so many familiar names here.

Special Hi to Erika... so this is where you've been hanging out!
+1 on the Peter Tosh recommendation BTW... I'm a big King Iwah Lee
'Scratch' Perry Pipecock Jackson the Upsetter fan myself.

> This brings up something that's been bugging me for some time.  Tony
> Blair's accent.  Where did he get it?

Can anyone tell me what makes Gordon Brown (our beloved Chancellor of the
Exchequer) do that weird  thing with his bottom jaw whenever he needs to
breathe in?  Is it some form of over-compensatory corrective behaviour for a
childhood difficulty in learning how to breathe through the nose or what?

Don't know about Blair's accent (other than it's a sort of 'lost Scottish')
but he's alarmingly fond of pompous self-aggrandising syntax like "I say to
you:" and "I tell you this:" - those being oft used in the New Testament.
Still, at least he hasn't been stupid enough to actually use the word
'crusade' for these early stages of what may yet turn out to be Armaghedon.

BTW  I read in our most excellent Guardian last weekend that Anthony Blair
is an anagram of Horny Taliban.

I think we should be told!

George Dillon

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