[thechat] Re: Fwd:[portlandpeacefulresponse] photos from afghanistan

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Fri Nov 2 21:24:09 CST 2001

> children of america are stupid, and they have
> problems; the pushers however, those are really cool
> guys,real smooth operators. and i bet many of them
> even have 12 year old wives.they are really something,
> aren't they???

I think most kids in America get their drugs from their friends -- who get 
them from older siblings or even their parents. And in the case of the 
parents, it's the kids stealing from them, not the parents just giving it to 
them. That's why the cycle is so hard to break. 

The stereotypical pusher in the schoolyard doesn't exist (for the most part 
-- there may be a few exceptions I guess). I think that's just something made 
up by the media to help justify the war on drugs. I mean, what network would 
just out and say "Hey, stop letting your kids get a hold of your drugs!". 
That would make things just a little too personal.


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