[thechat] Home Office Equipment

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 3 04:49:00 CST 2001

Andrew Forsberg wrote on 3/11/01 2:00 am

>I'm just dreaming up the list of stuff I want to buy next year, and 
>was hoping some of you with extensive (NINE COMPUTER!!!!) home 
>offices could recommend some non-cripplingly-expensive gear.

Cable modem and Linksys router (ideally the one with
both wired and wireless LAN-facing NICs).

You'll need to live in an area covered by cable of course.

The Linksys is only a hundred quid or so - you don't
need to take out a mortgage the way you do with Cisco.

I'm telling you, it changed my life.


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