[thechat] beervolt pics... including gangsign

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 4 03:17:16 CST 2001

dave mclean wrote on 4/11/01 8:39 am

>Join your index finger to your thumb and repeat on the opposite hand. Then
>touch those two links together at the tips.  Then, touch the tips of your
>two middle-fingers together and voila... an evolt.org logo in your hands.
>And thus, our gang sign.

I'm sure there were pictures somewhere, I just couldn't find them.

>I see the crazy Brits managed to convert it to a beer holding manifestation.
>Hats off to the fellas over there.

Hey, not just beer. I've got Laphroig and Kev's got ... actually I've 
cos I was very, very drunk. Some kind of spirits anyway.


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