[thechat] Asia Carrera - not just a bimbo

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Nov 4 08:02:52 CST 2001

Boy, you find out the most unbelievable stuff on the Net some times.

I was doing some research for a story on my weblog. While doing a Google 
search for stories about cigarette smoking in Asia, I land up on the web 
site of the porn star, Asia Carrera. This isn't that strange, but her 
biography (http://www.asiacarrera.com/bio.html) certainly is. She says she 
was spelling bee champ at school (amongst many other academic 
achievements), is a member of Mensa, that organisation of high-IQ 
individuals, AND has four computers at home on an Ethernet network.

You'd think a person like this would find it relatively easy to find a 
"regular" job in USA instead of having to copulate with hordes of men for a 
living. ;)

(who needs to get a life)

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