[thechat] Monsters, Inc.

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 18:38:00 CST 2001

Okay, visiting at the in-laws in Monterey, CA. Nice.
Finally got a moment to log on and check email. The
dinner table is being set as I type so gotta be quick.

We (3yrold nephew through motherinlaw) saw Monsters
Inc and we all loved it. Laughed, cried, stayed 
interested. Quite good.

Finally saw a trailer for HP on the big screen. Oh
Couple of little scenelets I hadn't seen before.

Saw a teaser for Episode II and dang! Well, it was a
dang good teaser anyway. Now I'm sorta starting to 
look forward to seeing "Send in the Clones", er, 
I mean, "Attack of the Clones."


Hey Joe: if the two of us go see the Leonids along
with WSD we could have a starvolt or something, eh?

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