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Mon Nov 19 11:56:38 CST 2001

Ooh; got the whole fam up at 2 a.m. (San Diego, CA, USA) and it was TOTALLY
OVERCAST. Until 2:05, when it cleared. We saw approximately 60 in the hour
we were up. Some quick blips, some flamers across 15 or 20 degrees of sky.
One left a flaming trail that burned for almost 15 seconds.


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> so, did anybody see anything?
> i got up at 4:30 a.m. but it was clouded over -- drat and dagnabit!
> and to think it was crystal clear at 11 p.m. -- the kids and i were out
> binocs looking at jupiter (we think we saw one moon) and the orion nebula
> check this out -- http://vis.sdsc.edu/research/orion.html -- the 15meg
> quicktime seemed to be broken, but the 29meg mpeg worked great
> ahh, broadband... not really worth $40/month (that's canadian, so it'd be
> $26 in real money) but once in a while you appreciate being able to
> 29megs in under two hours...
> rudy
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