Telecommuting through the Universe (Was: Re: [thechat] leonids)

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Mon Nov 19 12:04:20 CST 2001

We're set up so I could work from home with virtually no change in results.
Except I'd get less drop-by-for-a-chat interruptions. Don't have an office
phone at home, but that's not tough; no one calls me anyway, it's all
e-mail. I don't do it all the time, but when I do, I'm way more productive.

Last year, I ran a friend's business for 6 months, and did a huge amount of
work from home instead of ever going to a client (network admin stuff.)

The technical stuff isn't hard. Discipline (for yourself and the kids!) is
the tough part.


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> On 2001.11.18 19:43, Lauri Vain wrote:
> > (it's 4:38 am here so I think it's about time to go to bed. Wohaa, I get
> > total
> > two and half hours of sleep :))
> Thanks to the Leonids I was up until 6:30am... luckily it was still the
> weekend, so I got to sleep right through 'til noon.
> Got up and did some telecommuting.  Was kind of fun.  Was chatting with my
> co-worker via ICQ... sadly, it is Sunday, and I'm working. Hence, my
> to make it a telecommute today.  Was nice to work in pyjamas for a change.
> Anybody else telecommute with an external office? Often?  What's it really
> like?
> -d
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