[thechat] domain name purchasing

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Mon Nov 19 13:23:30 CST 2001

Wait endlessly, checking every couple hours to see if it comes back on the
radar. I believe the registrars have pretty complete control over
when/whether a domain goes back on the market. Some are coming up with
schemes to use this uncertainty to bilk more money out of us.

I waited for a non-renewed domain name for 5 months after it expired,
checking daily. Then, one day it was renewed. No option to get it. They
actually held in un-renewed for 5 months.


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> There's a domain name I've wanted for a while that just expired
> yesterday, and the site that used to be up at it now cannot be found.
> While register.com lists it has having expired yesterday, they also
> list it as unavailable. Any hints on how I can grab it?
> Marlene
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