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Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 15:24:30 CST 2001

--- spinhead <evolt at spinhead.com> wrote:
> San Diego. Work in Del Mar, live in Imperial Beach.
> I can see both the ocean
> and Mexico from my bedroom window, so that should
> indicate how far south and west we are.
> spinhead
I used to spend a weekend a month at IB when I was in
the Navy Reserve. Lived in La Mesa my freshman year 
of college - Grossmont. My son and son-in-law are both
now working at Southerland Group, not sure of the 
location. I do know my son was bummed - his training
was like a block from Fry's, but his permanent job is
elsewhere. They're living in El Cajon.


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