[thechat] happiness is

Lasar Liepins net.slave at liepins.de
Tue Nov 20 11:58:54 CST 2001

Hi there.

> Wow Olly, you like Kosheen too?
> Sian Evans (vocalist) has an awesome voice. I went to see them 
> live in Brighton about a month back, and they were one of the 
> best live acts I've seen in many a year. It was one of those 
> gigs where absolutely every member of the audience was a real 
> fan of their music, and you could see how the band fed of that 
> vibe, it was electric.

I saw them just a week ago. They played before Faithless, one of 
my absolute favorites. Now I'm hooked on Kosheen too and am 
waiting for a chance to get my hands on their album. The concert 
was awesome.

_ Lasar

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