[thechat] Re: OSX

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 26 14:50:52 CST 2001

At 8:06 PM +0000 11/26/01, Dave Fitch wrote:

>Martin Burns <martin at easyweb.co.uk> said:
>>Did I do A Good Thing, or will I regret it?

Yeah, you'll love it.

>Dunno [oh, great answer...!]
>It's a lot more stable, and you can do a heck of a lot more with it: 
>it's nice to be able to do web stuff and preview changes immediately 
>through Apache.

Huge +1.

X is one of the best platforms for creating and testing web stuff, 
IMO, if you're looking at Apache for your web server. It's really 
nice. It also gives you a great platform for learning *nix stuff on 
while still being able to do "normal" stuff through a GUI.

>Some things don't work though, and won't work for a while: namely 
>scanning. No sign of RealPlayer, and Eudora is [seemingly] stuck at 

Well, yeah, there's that.

Eudora seems to work pretty well though. I gave up on Mail.app. It 
was too crashy, but I hear it's a lot better now.

>USB support is much improved and pretty seamless. Quake III runs v. 
>well, as does BBEdit. :-)
>Overall though, it's about 95% finished.

As is firewire support and DVD playback.

>Not sure how well it'll play with broadband though. Anyone got 
>blueyonder?? I'm considering it, but their web site sayeth no X. :-|

I'm using broadband (cable). I have a SMC broadband router with 
802.11b and a switch built in along with a firewall and a DHCP 
server. It works great with Airport and on ethernet. Your set up 
should work very well, Martin.


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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