[thechat] We're Gettin' a Dog!

R.Livsey r.livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 12:58:29 CST 2001

> My family is about to get a Golden Retriever puppy...anyone 
> have any good/bad family-dog-stories they want to share? 
> We're getting him from a breeder around the 20th of December 
> and he'll be six weeks old. Its a surprise for our 10 year 
> old so there's no name for him yet...
> --Sal
> (Yes I have plenty of work to do, just excited thats all.
> The first pictures from the breeder are here: 
> http://www.palmisanonet.com/photoalbum/golden/> goldenindex.asp
> There are no direct links to that page 
> because he's still a surprise.)

Our Golden Retreiver (Cleo) is 5 years old now. She is one thing I
really miss while Im at uni!
Whats great is the reception I get whenever I go home, that’s when you
know she is as pleased to see me as I am her :o)


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