[thechat] Organizing MP3s - need help with categories/genres

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Nov 27 14:25:09 CST 2001

Quackamoe wrote:

> Under classical I have baroque, classical, romantic,
> national romanticism, impressionism, neo-Romanticism 
> and pretty well know what goes into which folder. But,
> where do I put Van Morrision? Rock? Jazz? My
> son-in-law
> told me recently that the Dave Matthews Band was 
> considered "Adult Contemporary." Where to put Lisa
> Loeb and Natalie Imbruglia? Wham?? Umm, Sinatra???
> So, any URLs that have a good hierarchy or anything
> that will help me out with this? 

Don't do it at all. Just sort by artist and maybe album. That's what I'd 
do. :-) Folders for each artist, of course.

But that's me. :-)

	- Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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