[thechat] Win2k Net access problem

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Wed Nov 28 11:07:05 CST 2001

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> Subject: Re: [thechat] Win2k Net access problem
> >please look at the full description at this link:
> >http://www.hughblair.com/netindex.html
> Who where dot com?

Uh, ME?  (yep, it's fun for a laugh.)

> Sorry for the awful pun, but I can't access your site Hugh. I get the DNS
> resolved properly, but trying by IP address just gets me your
> Apache setup
> page. Do you have www.hughblair.com setup as a virtual server? Seeing as
> babelfish can't find the site either, I'm guessing that perhaps
> the virtual
> server might not be setup correctly, or perhaps there's some problem with
> the DNS record.

You might be right.  It is set up as a virtual server but I don't have any
problem seeing it from here.

Whatever - try this:

Thanks for looking,

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