[thechat] Win2k Net access problem

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Wed Nov 28 13:56:09 CST 2001

> Right, gotcha. Try enabling Netbios over TCP in the TCP/IP 
> advanced settings.

I assume that you mean:
right-click My Network Places
(menu option) Advanced - Advanced Settings

See last to screen caps at http://www.hotfootmail.com/mnp.html

Did that as you can see on the screen caps.  NetBEUI was above TCP/IP.
Rebooted.  No change.

I have NetBEUI running because it's the only way I could get this
computer to see the other computers and their disks/printers on my LAN.

So, this change didn't work.  Other suggestions?

> Go into BINDINGS for your linksys adapter, and check that TCP/IP is 
> *higher* in the list than netbeui. In fact, unless you're relying on 
> netbeui to run your home network, you can ditch it. Although it's more 
> reliable for small lans, the netbeui protocol is not routable, so it's 
> completely useless if you need to access the internet or other subnet 
> segments. If the binding for netbeui is higher priority than for 
> tcp/ip in 
> your card bindings, you ain't going nowhere, and you'll go there 
> real slow.
> If this doesn't help, shout and I'll ask you for more screenshots to 
> diagnose the problem.
> Cheers,

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