[thechat] Detox Update

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 16:46:25 CST 2001

Well, it's been 34 days since my last half-dose of 
Paxil. Three weeks pretty much in bed feeling like
crap. Then two weeks of so so. I returned to work 
on Monday. Still don't exactly feel 100%.

Last night I went over to Bally's Total
Fitness (on the Traffic Circle in Long Beach for
those of you familiar with the area) and signed up.
$75 down and $37/month. Tonight after work I get
calipered and tapemeasured and stuff and set up a
workout regimen. I'll spend most of my time there
doing laps in the rather lovely swimming pool. 

So, the bottom line is this: no time to organize MP3s
until Saturday. But thanks to Martin and Joe for the
replies. I'll be installing MoodLogic this weekend and
see what it does.

In the meantime I'm trying to get back into doing
Peer Reviews on Software Version Descriptions and
updating the docs in Interleaf. Yuck. The next thing
on my agenda is to take a week-long course on Rational
ClearCase and become the department asst. guru on
ClearCase. Wish me luck!! Actually, a good part of
what I'll be doing is writing/modifying Perl wrappers
for ClearCase, so that's cool.

Glad to be back on my feet and thanks again for all
the support y'all provided when I was going through
withdrawal hell. BTW, I asked my dr. if my reaction
was 1 out of 1000 or what. He said I was 9 out of 10!!
And they just gleefully prescribe this* left and

Terry - who hasn't smoked a joint since Feb '71 and 
hasn't had a drink since Aug '71 and is wondering why
after behaving myself so well I had to go through this
crappy drug withdrawal thing - anyway??

* Paxil

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