[thechat] Goodbye George

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Fri Nov 30 23:18:45 CST 2001

>Just read that George Harrison died today in LA.

My boyfriend called me this morning with the news. He said, "George 
died!" I said, "George Bush?"

Oh well...


An interesting thing (to me anyway) is that when George died he was 
with his wife Olivia, his son Dhani, and his longtime friend Gavin de 
Becker. Thursday night I just happened to finish reading a book 
called _The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from 
Violence_ by none other than Gavin de Becker. It was given to me by a 
considerate male friend who'd read it, bought several copies, and was 
lending them to as many friends (esp. females) as he could get 
interested. The real value of _The Gift of Fear_ lies in its 
practical approach to informing our intuitive sense of *real* fear, 
while separating it from our more common practice of needless worry 
(which in effect clouds our perceptive powers, leaving us more 


I think *everyone* should read _The Gift of Fear_ (especially women), 
and at $6.99 it's a real deal that could help you or someone you love 
avoid danger. In addition to the obvious benefit to women, the book 
also provides men some rare insight into how the women they love 
approach their everyday lives, as well as informs both genders of 
important ways to safeguard their children. I'll be giving copies of 
it away this Christmas.



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