[thechat] New Product?

Ron White ronwhite at gate.net
Sun Dec 2 06:24:41 CST 2001

I'm sure there'll be a HUGE market for this:

Hi, I'm Ron. Are you like me? Do you have computer idiot friends and
relatives that just REFUSE to go check out HOAXES before sending them to you
with some breathless prose written above the HOAX text? TRY new Hoax-B-gone,
the new anti-hoax software from McNorton! For just $29.99/yr we will
automagically update your hoax database daily. The program will
automagically reply-to-all with any scathing text you wish to include as
well as the link to McNorton's web based HOAX library. We know they'll never
actually check it, but since we log who sent the HOAX you can lord it over
them during social gatherings :-)

So, CALL NOW!!! Operators are standing by: 1-855-HOAXBGONE

Ron White

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