[thechat] New Product?

Wolfgang Bromberger wolfgang.bromberger at salzburg.co.at
Sun Dec 2 08:39:08 CST 2001

Call the patent service, NOW.

Kind regards,

At 07:22 02.12.01 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm sure there'll be a HUGE market for this:
>Hi, I'm Ron. Are you like me? Do you have computer idiot friends and
>relatives that just REFUSE to go check out HOAXES before sending them to you
>with some breathless prose written above the HOAX text? TRY new Hoax-B-gone,
>the new anti-hoax software from McNorton! For just $29.99/yr we will
>automagically update your hoax database daily. The program will
>automagically reply-to-all with any scathing text you wish to include as
>well as the link to McNorton's web based HOAX library. We know they'll never
>actually check it, but since we log who sent the HOAX you can lord it over
>them during social gatherings :-)
>So, CALL NOW!!! Operators are standing by: 1-855-HOAXBGONE
>Ron White

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