[thechat] O Brother, drugs, movies, and hats

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Dec 3 05:29:41 CST 2001

>Good point. No URLs avaliable though. Just very reliable insider information
>and me working as a freelancer a while back for them (when they were Glaxo
>and GlaxoWellcome though).

You tempt with surrounding info, but say nothing.

I've heard complaints about them re: AIDs drugs.

>  > We Americans want to know what our global corporations are up to.
>>  http://www.gsk.com/
>I wouldn't say it's your global corporation. Glaxo was English, and
>SmithKline was as well partly funded by English capital.

If they have a branch in the US, they're ours.

>  > Don't we?
>I am afraid I can't answer that without ranting just a little bit about why
>America is not the belly button of Earth (bear with me, it's delivery day

yeah.  so where's the rant?



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