[thechat] pure evil: Tobacco giant buys rights to lung cancer drugs

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Mon Dec 3 15:27:36 CST 2001

Naw ... that's cool.

I respect your stance 100%, pal!

I guess for me I found the article more amusing than offensive.  

{... besides ... I've been reading the Joan D. Vinge "Psion" trilogy
pretty heavily lately ... which kind of has an Ayn Rand-ish view of
corporate morality that seemed to dovetail in here ...}

[Mind you, there ARE things that offend me - (I had a chance to make BIG
$$ trading kruggerands in the early 80's, and I *knew* it was a
'guaranteed financial win' at the time too!  {This isn't a "hindsight
only" thing.}) - I passed 'cuz I just couldn't do it - and I have no


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cancer drugs

While I think I understand your point, Ron, it goes back to a pretty
level for me - the end doesn't justify the means. I'm morally opposed to
military involvement, so I'm bemused/confused by pacifists who join the
becuase the government will pay for their college (this is not
I know them.) I mean, hey, are you opposed until it benefits you? That's
morals, that's situational ethics. I don't believe "it's wrong just
you get caught," and I don't believe that someone who continues to make
money killing people should be involved in finding the cure. I don't
life is more important than integrity, so I don't think a cure
discovered by
the tobacco industry suits my needs. Probably simplistic; maybe
but doesn't mankind as a whole revere selfless adherence to truly
causes over self-preservation?

Apologies for ranting in response to your mostly tongue-in-cheek
I'm not doubting your moral capacity, Ron; we've chatted too much for me
do that ;)

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