[thechat] Get together?

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Tue Dec 4 00:37:16 CST 2001

Hi Judah,

I didn't know you were in the area.  My life here this week is
quickly going downhill.  Tuesday is out - Wednesday is still
possible.  Maybe I'm just doing this too quickly.  And I haven't
heard from Erika or anyone else yet.

So, Wednesday is still a possibilitity.  Here's an idea.  I'm coming
back to Portland from 1/7-16 - long trip this time.  Why don't we
shoot for sometime in Jan '02?  How's that sound?


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> I might be up for dinner/drinks.  I'm down in Eugene (120 mi),
> but I could
> probably make the trip.
> Tuesday might work best for me.  What part of town are people in?
>  Maybe go
> someplace relatively large like Kennedy School.
> Judah
> At 11:22 PM 12/1/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hey Erika,
> >
> > > And did I mention I live in Portland, Oregon?  Been here a year.
> > > I'm trying to find a place to live in Amanda's neighborhood which is
> > > near my favorite dive bars and other cultural experiences.
> >
> >I'm headed to Portland tomorrow - Sunday.  I'll be there through
> >Thursday afternoon.  Do you want to get together/meet some
> >evening?  Tue/Wed would be the best for me.  I should be free
> >by 6pm each evening - so, dinner/drinks?  Any other evolters
> >in the area?
> >
> >You can take this off-list if you want.
> >
> >-Hugh
> >hblair at hotfootmail.com

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