[thechat] Portland? Me too! Me too! (also: PMIDG meeting 12/5)

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Tue Dec 4 08:12:52 CST 2001

Hi Ben,

My week is quickly becoming quicksand.  Tuesday is out - I have to
flit down to Salem to hold another client's hand.  Wednesday is still
an option as of right now - but - (and I'll take the blame for this)
my quick/short notice just might not let this come together.

I'm going to be back in the area from 1/7-16/02 so maybe we should
shoot for sometime then - maybe on the weekend when I won't be
totally captured by this client.  Big deal - lots of work - but it'll
come together.

I also heard from Judah in Eugene, so we may be able to do a Northeast
beervolt even though I'm from Chicagoland.  Geesh, we can't let all
those Brits do 'da sign without a response, huh?

About the 5 Dec. meet.  Sounds great but I just don't see that in
the cards.  But bring back ideas if you go.



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> Subject: [thechat] Portland? Me too! Me too! (also: PMIDG meeting 12/5)
> Hugh,
> I'm also on the list of evolters from Portland; I'd like to invite or be
> invited depending upon the circumstances.  I'm good friends with my inbox,
> so don't hesitate to say 'hi.'
> Beyond beervolt, I might add that on 5 Dec. there's a presentation/panel
> on Web Standards held by the Portland Multimedia|Internet Developers
> Group.  Nick Finck and Ross Olson will be presenting.
> --
> Ben Henick

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