[thechat] Get together?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 4 13:18:46 CST 2001

Sorry, Hugh...  I hadn't read your original post because I didn't 
know it was about Portland!

I can meet up with you tomorrow if you're still interested.  What you 
like?  Thai food?  Sushi?  Tiki bars?  Microbrews?  West side or east 
side... IOW, you want to hang with the yuppies or the hippies?


>Hi Judah,
>I didn't know you were in the area.  My life here this week is
>quickly going downhill.  Tuesday is out - Wednesday is still
>possible.  Maybe I'm just doing this too quickly.  And I haven't
>heard from Erika or anyone else yet.
>So, Wednesday is still a possibilitity.  Here's an idea.  I'm coming
>back to Portland from 1/7-16 - long trip this time.  Why don't we
>shoot for sometime in Jan '02?  How's that sound?


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