[thechat] pure evil: Tobacco giant buys rights to lung cancer drugs

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 4 13:36:12 CST 2001

Seb wrote:

>Well, the whole "Tobacco giant buys rights to lung cancer drugs" 
>kinda had me up and awake fuming (if you'll pardon the pun) all 
>night, so I've quit smoking. Currently approaching 32 hours without 
>sleep and 12 hours without nicotine, and I feel a bit... edgy.

you might look into the nicotine patch thing, if you're seriously addicted.

and keep munchies around.

I smoked up to a pack a day & sunflower seeds... lots and lots and 
lots of them... with lots of water... helped me quit...

I'll still chip at times, but rarely.  Cigarettes are just so chock 
full of nasty chemicals.

I was exposed to so much cigarette smoke when I worked in bars.  The 
regulars regularly dropped due to cancer, heart attacks.

But I'm glad I'm in cig-vicious USA.

The nicotine fits are horrible, but they only last for minutes at a 
time.  This must be remembered, when one is on the brink of "loosing 

I lost a wonderful father figure in Jan 2000.  He was 60 and went 
much as George Harrison went.  Quickly, and far too young.


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