[thechat] IT is here!

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 4 13:43:26 CST 2001

If we're lucky, and if this is as nifty as it is portrayed, and if it 
continues to be promoted by all the sexy TV people, it could just 
help us wean our fat asses off oil.

Though what the world will look like by then, I cannot say.


>At 02:29 AM 12/4/2001, you wrote:
>><quoted from another email>
>>Touting it as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars, 
>>inventor Dean Kamen finally unveiled his mysterious creation to the 
>>world this morning.  The gizmo -- which has gone by the codenames 
>>"IT" and "Ginger," but will be marketed under the more prosaic 
>>"Segway Human Transporter" -- turns out to be a one-person, 
>>two-wheeled, battery-powered scooter that looks something like a 
>>push lawnmower.  Kamen said the Segway "will be to the car what the 
>>car was to the horse-and-buggy," adding that it "makes no sense at 
>>all for people in cities to use a 4,000-pound piece of metal to 
>>haul their 150-pound asses around town."  The 65-pound Segway can 
>>attain speeds of 12 miles per hour; the battery charge lasts about 
>>15 miles, at about 10 cents a charge.  The machine apparently 
>>handles snow, ice, and stairs with ease.  Cost?  $3,000 a pop.  The 
>>U.S. Postal Service and Amazon.com are among the first customers.


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