[thechat] LotR

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Tue Dec 4 14:58:32 CST 2001

I dunno Kev,

My expectations are pretty low following the last two animated efforts -
so I'm thinking the new LotR will probably be okay for me!

You think it could be worse that the Rankin/Bass "Hobbit"?

... and you should have heard the discussion's when Ralph (Fritz the
Cat) Bakshi was announced to do the last animated LotR!!  {I probably
have a pre-release promo brochure lying around somewhere.}

I think I'll wait and rent 'Potter' - but probably drag my son out to


(Former co-editor of [what was most likely] one of the largest
Middle-Earth newsletters ever.)

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From: Kevin Stevens [mailto:kjs at ratking.co.uk]
Subject: [thechat] LotR

I have to admit to being totally unenthusiastic about both the Harry
film and the forthcoming Lord of the Rings films, mainly because I
the books so much and don't want to be disappointed if the on screen
don't match my idea of what everything should look like. However, after
reading my parent's right wing Sunday newspaper mags I have found out
LotR is directed by Peter Jackson. 

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