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Geez. Hey Ron, why don't you give us a list of things you HAVEN'T done (what
is that, 8 or twelve items?) instead of taking the next 42 years to give us
all the juicy tidbits? That way, we could just say, "Hey, Ron - when YOU
were a coal miner, what was this or that like? Hey Ron - when you went to
the moon . . ." etc.

Dunno; it just struck me as funny, the wildly divergent stuff you can
discuss intelligently. Was it Mark Twain who said a good conversationalist
knows something about everything, and everything about something?


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> 'zactly!!   :-)
> <huff>
> Hey! - ain't nuthin' wrong with a uni!
> </huff>
> RonL.
> (former unicycle owner/rider --- as if folks didnae think I was wierd
> leòr!)
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> > (Is there an 'aftermarket' yet?  Can we "rice" one of these
> > babies out?)
> hehehe, kinda like
> http://www.riceboy.com/shame/index.html  ?
> 'sides, why not just learn to ride a unicycle? sheesh...
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