[thechat] November stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Dec 4 16:21:53 CST 2001


November stats for evolt.org are in:

Page Views:	569,000(another record!)
IP's Server:	92,000
Page Views/day:	18,000
Data transfer:	74Gb(record by a longshot)
Data transfer/day: 2.3Gb	

of interest:

top referers for the month: google(125,000), altavista(6700), 
slashdot(12,000, linking to my 'bad robots' article), sv.com(6500, they 
hada  nice blurb about evolt and the browser archive), and 
dynamicdrive.com(4000, linking to browser archive).. the most popular 
search terms for the month were, javascript, netscape, asp, php, and 
browser - in that order.. it was interesting to see 133 people sent to 
evolt while searching for 'igloos' :)

MSIE based browsers finished first with 1,128,066 requests and NS based 
browsers came in with around 211,000 requests - a 5 to 1 ratio and 
slightly higher than average on the Web.. Signs of a comeback? this is 
also the first month there were more requests made from Unix based 
machines than Macintosh ones, with at least one person sticking with 
their Atari based system to browse evolt :)

kroet, deadL0ck, mpember, altyazi, and djc(w00!) were the top 5 
members.evolt.org websites this month while Netscape based browsers were 
downloaded more often than their IE rivals...


have fun, and as always, feel free to shout if there are questions or 
comments :)

- list manager supreme with extra cheese -

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