Mines and minds and mimes (was Re: [thechat] IT is here!)

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Wed Dec 5 11:44:55 CST 2001

Had a friend who, when we first met, mentioned attending the 'Colorado
School of Minds' which seemed, at least, unusual, and possibly even
arrogant. What a name! 'School of Minds' indeed!

He was a geologist. Y'know, folks who make  a professional study of stuff
that's underground. Like, mines. And stuff.

I never said a word. Which makes me a mime, right? Coronado School of Mimes.
Meets at the Coronado Brewing Company. They keep kicking us out for being
too noisy.


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> Got me good!
> Nah man ... I gotta parse this stuff out slowly ... keep that 'man of
> enigma' thing going!           :-)
> Thanks for the kind words - I thought it was just because I tend to hang
> out with wierdly cool people -- like evolters!
> RonL.
> (Who's sorry to disappoint - but he never actually worked in a coal
> mine, (unlike waaaaaay too many of his relatives), but he DID help out
> putting on some explosion demonstrations for mine safety training
> through the US Bureau of Mines (now Department of the Interior) ...
> izzat close enough?)
> ... you know I'd LOVE to tell y'all about the moon ... but there are
> these NDAs involved .... guys in black suits .... yada yada ... just how
> it is, is all ...     :-)
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> Geez. Hey Ron, why don't you give us a list of things you HAVEN'T done
> (what
> is that, 8 or twelve items?) instead of taking the next 42 years to give
> us
> all the juicy tidbits? That way, we could just say, "Hey, Ron - when YOU
> were a coal miner, what was this or that like? Hey Ron - when you went
> to
> the moon . . ." etc.
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