[thechat] sport and life?

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Dec 5 12:57:30 CST 2001

> enjoying racquetball -- a great game which I'm playing regularly.

great for you! Its a great sport, a good stress release and wonderful
for the body. Too bad I stink at it ...

> er -- so my question -- do you play a sport? if so, what? and 

I play hockey (roller and ice) three-four times a week in organized and
not-so-organized settings. Have been playing sports in one form or
another since I were a wee tot. I'm also playing Ultimate
(http://ultimatehandbook.com/), and try to get on the mtn bike when I
can (not nearly enough)... Other than that, there really isn't a sport I
wouldn't play... I've never been the most gifted athlete, so I compete
with brains and heart and technique. I'd rather get the assist than the
goal; I want to be the one taking the important face-offs.

Why? Body says, "go! go! go!' I love competing. A good sweat. Post-game
endorphin rush. Post-game nap. Post-game beers =). Right now I'm also
loving the body changes (I was 240+ lbs in May, I'm just under 220 now
and well on pace to reach my goal of a Cosmo-Calendar* Fit 210lbs by May

I find as much enjoyment from team sports as I do individual (which,
from a conversation my dad had with a sports psych, is a little unique.
Most people fall strongly towards one or the other), its a mix of the
thrill (and pressure, and highs and lows) of competition,
soul-searching, helping the team, striving to be the best I can be, and
a whole buncha clichés =) ...

In other words, it Feels Good.

especially when you've been Fighting Crime at the office all day...


*Cosmo, or Cosmopolitan, is a woman's magazine, very glossy (and a
little slutty. If you put GQ in a blender with Maxim and tailored it for
women, there you go --but Cosmo has been around a long, long time). They
put out a calendar each year with 'regular' guys that aren't 18 and are
"hunks". Firefighters, life guards, well-chiseled lawyers and such. I
turn 30 next May, and will be in that kind of shape =)
--http://cosmomag.com (and for temper, http://www.gq.com/ and

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