[thechat] sport and life?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Dec 5 13:19:28 CST 2001

Hi Joe,

Body, Mind, and Soul ... all require regular care and feeding.  [Consult
your owner's manual for dealer recommended maintenance schedules.]

Not sure it "counts" as a sport, but I'm in a weekly bowling league.
[Some people tend to discount sports you can play with a cigarette
hanging out of your mouth and a bottle of beer in one hand .. dang

Once the chiro gives me the green light that my back is okay again I'll
be back in the gym a couple of times a week where I'll put in 3 miles on
the treadmill (although I'm thinking of switching to the bikes for a
while to take it easier on the back), some weight lifting and then a
nice steam.

{Some of us don't have a choice - if I exercise, I feel better and stay
healthy - if I don't, I end up where I am now.}

Been to dang busy to play with the mountain bikes, skis, rollerblades or
anything else lately.

Although I think my sweetie and I are gonna head over to Fredericksburg
to climb enchanted rock again ... maybe next month:


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I'm curious - how many of you play sport on a regular basis? I know rudy

plays football (can't remember if it's canadian or american).

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