[thechat] HELP!!! - Linux disaster

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Dec 5 22:06:40 CST 2001

Andrew Forsberg wrote:

>> Please help, my only other option is to reinstall Linux, which I don't
>> want to do.
> Don't!

oy. big +1 - welcome to the world of linux, where re-installing doesn't 
help a thing :)

> *nix experts may have more, and better, options, but, if it were me, I'd 
> try:
> 1) logging on via ssh / telnet from another local machine, su-ing to 
> root, fixing problem, typing /sbin/reboot.

Grub should have a 'linux safe mode' or something when it shows the menu 
and allows you to pick which OS you want. I haven't used grub much yet, 
buy you somehow need to get into single user mode(this is done with lilo 
by typeing linux init=/bin/bash rw with LILO. at any rate, get into 
single user mode or a shell somehow(ssh, whatever).

Once you're there, just run Xconfigurator or XFree86config and 'reset' 
your display settings. it should re-probe for you card, monitor, etc and 
save that config for you.

let me know how it goes :)


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