[thechat] sport and life?

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Thu Dec 6 11:18:02 CST 2001

Reminds me of my older brother's infamous archery efforts in High School. I
think they considered expelling the whole family, not just him. It's not
like he killed anyone. It was only a house. If shingles can't take an arrow
now and then, they don't belong in front of archers, right?


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> > How many of you have pole vaulted before?
> >
> Tried it in high school; my body just didn't get the idea and I never
> got the hang of it... now throwing the javelin was fun (too bad it
> wasn't an event in high school) ....
> dex
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> Heard on the London Underground (continued)
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Just to inform you that there is a problem on the Jubilee line in that all
trains are running to time with no delays.  We hope to be able to rectify
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