[thechat] Damn

rudy937 rudy937 at rogers.com
Thu Dec 6 17:17:33 CST 2001

> RonL.
> (... wistfully wishing he could put Ron and Rudy on his IM support team
> ... that would seriously ROCK!)

thanks ron, i'd like that -- and hey, why can't you?

ron, i feel your pain

when i was laid off last december, i thought it was a great opportunity to
start my own freelancing business

and it was

but it turns out i'm a shitty marketer, and have NFC© (No Clue) when it
comes to finding clients

so i guess i've been seriously looking to get re-employed since August

what really sucks is going in for the 3rd interview and *then* losing the
job -- not to another candidate, they didn't have any other in the pipeline
at the moment, they just decided against me and restarted the search process

ah well

thank goodness for rrsp's that i can draw on...


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