[thechat] sport and life?

Martin Burns martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 6 18:33:01 CST 2001

>>>>  Scuba (particularly Freediving, which is both competitive and
>>>>  entirely dependent on lung capacity & efficiency). The helmet/
>>>>  regulator with inbuilt (lit) cigarette is the staple April Fool item
>>>>  for diving magazines.
>>>Believe it or not there is smoking apparatus for diving - apparently you bet
>>>a bigger nicotine hit the deeper you go - it was on one of Jeremy Clarkson's
>>>(BBC in the UK) programs a while back.
>>>Of course it might well have been a wind up. In which case feel free to
>>>shoot me down in flames :-)
>>Sorry, OIly - total windup. Both impractical and fucking dangerous
>>in a safety obsessed sport.
>Just a hunch, but wouldn't this essentially turn the diver into a 
>depth charge? How deep would you need to go before (theoretically / 
>actually) exploding?

Implode on the way down, explode on the way up. You
get one extra atmosphere of pressure every ten metres.

To think about what happens if you release that too quickly,
get a coke bottle with the lid on, shake it, then unscrew the
lid quickly.


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