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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Dec 6 22:02:57 CST 2001

At 05:06 AM 12/7/2001, rudemeister typed these words:
>ron, i feel your pain

As do I.

>when i was laid off last december, i thought it was a great opportunity to
>start my own freelancing business

I narrowly escaped being laid off when CNET shut down its Indian operation 
in 2000. I quit a couple of months before. I again escaped narrowly from my 
web dev shop job by quitting about 2 weeks before I might possibly have 
been booted. I was faced with the shame of having 7 of my department's 
people fired by "management" without asking or telling me. They just called 
them up at 21:00 and told them not to come the next day.

I *could* have got another job here (there were a couple of offers), but I 
was determined not to work for another company because they were all fucked 
in the head (apologies for the profanity). You had responsibility, but 
weren't in charge. Big difference there.

I was determined that the only way to do things my way 
(http://madman.weblogs.com/discuss/msgReader$31) was to strike it out on my 
own. Since then, I've spent the last few months looking for business as a 
UX consultant. Unfortunately, nobody has the money to spend on it right 
now, and it's also near the end of the financial year, so there won't be 
any spending till the next year's budget.

But I'm sure things will improve. The US economy always picks up after they 
fight a war ;)

What really sucks is the lack of discipline when you're sitting at home and 
not in an office environment. Sitting here, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of 
shorts, with a TV nearby, makes it hard to work.


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