[thechat] sport and life?

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Dec 7 00:33:31 CST 2001

>>>>Just a hunch, but wouldn't this essentially turn the diver into a 
>>>>depth charge? How deep would you need to go before (theoretically 
>>>>/ actually) exploding?
>Depends on the air mix... you need more nitrogen at greater depths 
>or risk oxygen toxicity (really, really nasty seizures and death). 
>WWII-era submarines that ended up on the ocean floor were known for 
>exploding (imploding is when external forces induce catastrophic 
>structural failure) due to electrical sparks, etc. Lighting a match 
>in atmospheric air at 200 metres would cause it to burn like an 
>arc-welding torch, and combust the atmosphere.

This was where my brain was heading... have you read cryptonimicon by 
any chance? the scene where Rudy destroys himself (well, he was 
doomed: no teeth, only one eye, stuck on the bottom of the ocean, etc 
etc) and the papers by lighting a match? I think I'd have stayed 
there rather than try to swim to the surface like the other German, 
that'd be real painful and messy.

>Diving to 20 - 30 metres wouldn't be anywhere near as spectacular, 
>though it would probably cause a cigarette to flash through, rather 
>than smouldering. God alone knows what would happen with a butane 
>lighter at that depth.


>As martin says, anyone even joking about that kind of stunt near a 
>dive would probably get fed to the nearest carnivorous fish.

The nearest I get to sport is watching my partner ride her horse, and 
occasionally getting a video camera shoved at me so they can relive 
their triumphs and humiliations. That, and counter-strike which I'm 
finally getting the hang of.

Don't ever video your partner getting on or off a horse unless they 
are so good they probably don't care if you're running the vid camera 
or not. Expect much bruising and aural stress otherwise. Ungrateful I 
call it. If you don't know why, you don't need to know. AVOID AT ALL 

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