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On 2001.12.05 11:01, Joe Crawford wrote:

> er -- so my question -- do you play a sport? if so, what? and why? and
> if not - why? and why not?


I play Ultimate 

Why?  Because I need to get my ass in shape every once and a while and
Ultimate just happens to be a sport I'm somewhat decent at.  Sport in Canada
is *completely* different than sport in the US.  We don't care as much
(ahem, unless we win) and generally don't support it from the bottom up.

When I was young I played Baseball because I thought it was fun.  Until... I
made it to the best team in my age category and I rode the pine (I sat out).
It sucked.  I quit baseball at age *fucking* twelve, because the coach
wanted to win more than give me a chance to play.  I played Volleyball in
Junior High (7-9) and liked that but I wasn't the greatest.  Played High
School football.  We usually had about 100 people max come out to our games.
That was pretty good.  Universities up here get about 1,000 people at a
game... unless they're down East where they probably get 5-10,000, depending
on the match-up.  We just don't care that much.  Even our hockey teams (a
sacred sport up here) don't see as many fans as say Minnesota High School

I just want you all to know that I am dreading the Olympics being in Salt
Lake City this year.  I don't know how long I will be able to last listening
the cheers of "U.S.A!   U.S.A!    U.S.A!"

I digress....

Ultimate is a very physical sport.  Lots of running, jumping, throwing and
requires a high amount of endurance.  It's amazingly competitive, but
surprisingly, it is the only sport that goes all the way to international
levels without officials.  Disputes are resolved on the field by the players
involved.  I love playing it because of the adrenaline rush I get when I
score or throw a score. Or when I block a pass, or run end to end to end and
finally score to get me off the field and onto the sidelines.  It's a hard
working sport and it's just plain fun. I also have a lot of friends playing
it now and we just like it better than Soccer or the other recreational
sports we have played in the past.

So, did I answer your question?  No?  Just let me know if you want to hear


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