[thechat] Damn

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Fri Dec 7 06:10:36 CST 2001

On 6 Dec 2001, at 23:13, Ron White posted a message which said:

> What's hard fro me is a highly addictive game called Civilization and I
> just got the new version, which is WAY Kewl!

I had the original Civ on 3.5" diskettes, and lost them in a divorce. I 
got Civ II on CDROM, and it's great, but so was the original, and it's 
really a different game. My wife knew that I missed the original game, 
so she picked up a copy for me at Kmart. Whups. What can I say? 
She's blonde. Anyhow, I now have *two* copies of Civ II, still none of 
Civ. And if Civ is still available in the stores, I haven't seen it.

I can't seem to survive 6 turns of the linux Civ clone.

If anyone is interested in swapping their used copy of Civ for a 
my spare copy of Civ II, let me know off-list.


We are the parents our people warned us about....

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