[thechat] Ancient computers (was: IT is here!)

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> At 05:06 AM 12/7/2001, Martin typed these words:
> >The C5? Great fun, if a little unstable when cornering at speed.
> The first computer I ever used was a BBC Micro B with 32K of RAM 
> in 1986. :)

NOW you're talking.  In 1986 I did my O-Level Computer Science;
project was wide open.  I built an IRC-alike in BBC Basic using
Acorn's 'E-net' coax as a transport and a 50-message rolling
flat file on a shared disk for 'scroll-back'.

I've made this joke on #evolt before - but if BBC Basic was a
scripting language now I'd be so l337 it's unbefuckinglievable.
Closest you can get is Python (yes, really) - when I get the
time to plough through that ORA book I'll be happy.  PHP first,


[Whose laptop got half-inched from a pub last night. Not amused]

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