[thechat] Fw: Pudding?!?

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Fri Dec 7 11:41:00 CST 2001

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From: "Scott Dexter" <sgd at ti3.com>
Subject: RE: [thechat] Fw: Pudding?!?

> and then there's this (old, and I need to include it somewhere's when
> its ready ;) ) --it also includes vodka (why I thought of it)
> http://www.fastlane.net/homepages/sgd/scrambledtacos.html

"i'm hoping you know how to scramble eggs at this point in your life, so i'm
not going to get into particulars, just scramble the fuckers."

LOL - Thats just made my day :-)


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