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Fri Dec 7 14:49:07 CST 2001

Hi Madhu,

WCIS? (What Can I Say?) ... there are assholes in every culture ... 
['Course ... We tend to grow 'em a tad bigger over here!]   ;-)

... but ... on a tangentially related topic ...

Can I bug you for a list of some worthwhile Indian authors/books worth

That might <hangs head here because he can't read anything else> have
decent English translations?

I might have a Bhagavad-Gita and/or a Kama Sutra laying around the house
- but that's probably the extent of my Indian collection. ... Ummm ...
assuming those *are* Indian, of course.

(Who once-in-a-while realizes he can tap on people by asking for book
references in order to get small glimmers into their cultural view of
the world.)

Hmmmm ... maybe I should bug Javier as well? ... and Henny? ... and
Elfur? ... and  ....???

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From: Madhu Menon [mailto:webguru at]

You once asked me where I got the impression that Americans didn't 
understand other cultures. Well, I'm forwarding this message from a
on another mailing list. He sent me this when I told him not to refer to

India as "third world".

People like him are the proverbial rotten apple in the basket.

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