[thechat] Fw: Pudding?!?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Dec 7 15:28:53 CST 2001

bob wrote:

>You forgot the part about leaving the chiles in a paper bag to steam 
>for a couple minutes before peeling them

Sounds vaguely familiar... though I've only roasted & peeled hot from 
the oven.  Not much anymore, sad to say...

& (disclaimer) not New Mexican, but dated one for some years...
(Spanish-speaking Americans since the 1600s you know the routine... 
still don't to speak English...)

from this town:

I probably stayed with this guy way too long, when it was really the 
Sangre de Christos that I loved.

And the chiles.


>I make egg and cheese tacos on soft, white corn tortillas with that 
>salsa (or hot sauce, as it is called here in San Antonio) sometimes. 
>If there are some refried black beans around open, I'll add that 
>too. Yummy.

I *heart* black beans.


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